1. I agree! I was going to say something about how it's not just helpful, but really clever in how it's done! Great video!
  2. I love your video, I have 2 skull scarves and usually only have 1-2 ways of wearing them. Definetly going to try some of the other ways you've demonstrated.
  3. I ran across your video a while back and had to bookmark it, you did such a wonderful job and I love referring back to it. Just now ran across this post and realized hey! You're the "scarf tying lady" haha so I had to take a peek at your blog, absolutely stunning! You make it look easy to be so elegant and stylish. Anyway, I'll stop now and just say, Thank You!
  4. Such a fabolous video, great inspiration! Thank you :smile:
  5. THank you!!! You need an APP")
  6. Thank you for sharing your video! You've given me so many ideas. I'm going to wear one today! Now I just need to figure out which way to wear it!!!!
  7. Video rocked
  8. I love this video, no way can I remember that many! I quite often go thru them again and try wearing one a new way for a week

    Thanks for he great presentation and so many ideas
  9. Great video! Thanks for sharing.
  10. Love this
  11. Way cool!!!
  12. Me 2
  13. Love this!
  14. Awesome!!! :smile:
  15. Just seen this - so cool! and super helpful :smile: