1. Neiman Marcus has a few on sale with an additional 25% off
    Asos has a few on sale for under $30

    I'm on pair #4 is less than a month:shame:
  2. Welcome to the addiction. I've got over 30 pairs. :blushing:
  3. You TPF gals go hard!!!!:p:graucho:
    I'm looking at pair #5 :shame: so addictive!!!

  4. that is legit the funniest thing i've heard this morning:lol:

  5. ooo i didn't know asos sold them too! i am still hesitant about patterned tights...i might dip my toes into wolford land soon though
  6. You can always start off with a classic opaque pair:graucho:
    I like ASOS because they offer coupons plus free shipping.

  7. i will give it a try...the patterned tights i have have subtle patterning...i think i'm hesitant bc i do not have small calves and im short...im afraid many of the cool looking patterns will make my legs look like mini sausages
  8. For anyone interested in the Trend tights, a lot of them are part of the Bloomingdale's 5 Day Weekend Sale, where the code 5DAYEXTRA will get you an extra 15% off.
    Just placed an order for the Snake and Wilderness tights at < $25 each (including shipping)!!!
  9. Patterned tights are fun, the crazier, the better!

    OMG, really? Mind you I have 8 pairs of unopened Wolfords, but I am still going to check out this sale. :p
  10. LOL I totally have the same issue (I'm 5'3" with REALLY thick calves), but a pair of sky-high heels usually does the trick in lessening the sausage-look. :p

    Out of the now-26 Wolford tights I own, I would say 20 of them are Trend/patterned tights.
  11. Thank you. I bought some Aline tights.
  12. I wore my Aline in mocca last week, but forgot to snap a pic.

    FYI...the Wolford online shop has various colors of the Individual 20 and Satin Opaque 50 on sale for 50% off.

    Also, what are your thoughts on the Paradise Peacock tights...too much!?!
  13. I actually like the peacock tights. :biggrin:
  14. Me too Duke! :yes: But I am on the fence... In my mind, I'd only be able to wear them with an LBD, since they are such a focal point. What would you wear them with?