1. hey everyone, a while ago i got the mauve rockstud heels (photo below)
    the other day farfetch had the poudre ones on sale!! i mean what?! so i had to buy them. i know they are different colours but do you think that they are too similar to have both? its not like one is a really bold colour, they are both quite soft and somewhat neutral in the mauve's case.
    the poudre pair already came - on a sunday too! but i can't be bothered taking a pic as i am sure you all know what they look like.
    you think i should keep both and the poudre will go with more?

    i know this has been asked before but farfetch had a few different pairs of the poudre ones - they were all p45 but called nude, powder & poudre. are these the same? the photos look a bit different - lighting?. so confusing!

    ALSO! does anyone in Sydney know a cobbler they trust taking their valentino's or other expensive designer shoes that will do a good job putting a sole on and not damaging/scratching the shoe in the process?

    Photo on 10-12-2016 at 4.31 PM #2.jpg
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  2. I have both and they're different enough for me.

    And youre right abt poudre. I ordered one from US retailer and another from EU and they were different.
  3. do you have both pairs? if you do can you post a pic to show the difference? thanks!
  4. You mean the poudre? No, i only kept 1 pair.
  5. Sorry, I don't have a cobbler I can recommend but I can tell you about one of my experiences.

    If you're talking about Sydney Australia then I can tell you about my experience at Roger Shoe Repairs in Redfern. He's highly regarded but my pair ended up scratched on one shoe. It happened on the inside rather than the outside but it was devastating, nonetheless. We chalked it up to "humans make mistakes sometimes". When I brought it back, he painted over it to mask the scratch and I was fine with that. He's highly regarded and prices are reasonable but go at your own risk.
  6. Re cobbler... Coombs at Strand Arcade Pitt St is the most trustworthy imo. Sent all my good shoes there and they never disappoint!