1. I leave that sort of research to the buyers. It's the buyer making the decision so they should do all their research. I'm more than happy to authenticate where I can, but that's it. Good to see that this potential buyer has had a deeper look at the seller's bone fides.
  2. Adding better resolution pictures :
    image1.jpeg image2.jpeg image3.jpeg image4.jpeg image5.jpeg image6.jpeg image7.jpeg image8.jpeg image9.jpeg image10.jpeg
  3. Some more better-resolution pictures :

    image11.jpeg image12.jpeg image13.jpeg image14.jpeg image15.jpeg image16.jpeg
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  5. ^^^^^^^^
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  7. Photos look fine. Post your own photos here if you buy it so we can double check.
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    Thank you Prada Psycho - I apprentice your input! Still on the fence, because despite it being a good deal, I have read the leather on cervo lux bags breaks down very quickly...

    Could you please also authenticate this one?
    Item Name: Prada Nappa Mordore Stripe Bag Nero Black
    Listing number: 230199
    Seller ID: Fashionphile
    Link: https://www.fashionphile.com/prada-nappa-mordore-stripes-bag-nero-black-230199
    Comments: Thank you thank you thank you
  9. This is likely authentic but interior pictures leave much to be desired.
  10. Thank you Bratty1919! Appreciate it.
  11. Looks fine. I'd take this one over the cervo lux, ANY DAY.