1. Please post any photos of Hermes bags in the related color family as titled.

    Please indicate the color name and leather in which you are posting.

    The purpose of this thread is to view color as it takes on the various leather types offered.

    This is a picture thread only...NO CHATTER! Thank you.
  2. 30cm Black Porosus Birkin with Palladium Hardware
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  3. Kelly 32 - BLACK BOXCALF
    black box twilly.JPG
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  4. Black Clemence Birkin
  5. [​IMG]

    black 35 cm epsom with GH.
  6. 30cm Birkin Togo w. GH

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  7. BLACK Chevre

    BLACK Togo

    BLACK Box Calf
  8. Black Box Birkin with white constrast stitching

    Photo Credit: Barbs
    Black Box with White Contrast Stitching.jpg
  9. Black Togo Birkin with White Contrast Stitching and White Interior

    Photo Credit: cxyvr posted these photos in a previous thread discussing whether or not to get this bag. Actual owner of this bag now: Not known.
    Black Birkin with White Stitching Front.jpgBlack Birkin with White Stitching White Interior.jpg
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  10. 32cm Black Chamonix Bolide with Gold Pelican and Sun Cadenas.....
    Black Box Plume Elan GM with Gold Snail Cadenas
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  11. 32cm Black Box HAC with Ruthenium,
    32cm VINTAGE Black Box Kelly with Gold,
    Black Chamonix Kelly Elan with Gold Harp Cadenas.
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  12. 28cm Black Box Sellier Kelly with White Contrast Stitching

    Photo Credit: hello2703

  14. 35 cm black togo Kelly PH
    35 cm black evergrain Birkin GH
    GM black clemence Evelyne
    Hermes II 077 Medium Web view.jpgHermes II 085 Medium Web view.jpgHermes II 087 Medium Web view.jpg