1. Looking for noir/black or the dark gunmetal color for the rockstud cage flats. 39.5

    I looked in the typical places but haven't seen any available! Let me know if anyone has seen them recently. Thanks!
  2. Desperately seeking the Chanel French Riviera in black caviar. Any sightings?!
  3. This is for Valentino shoes only.
  4. Looking these Caged Flats in 38 (this is Lovely24's Photo! - I LOVE them!) )
    I would also be happy with Leopard Pony Hair Caged Flat / Black Trim if I can't find these.

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  6. Looking for purple patent rockstude wedge. Any online shop got them?
  7. Looking for the allover rockstuds high heel in size 36. Preown or new both are fine with me as long as the condition is not the worst. I am in USA.

    Thank you.

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  8. looking for these on sale
    sz 37
    Help!!!!!! I have matching bag. Have to have shoes

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  9. hi everyone

    Im new here and Im hunting the water green rockstud slingbacks

    size 38

    any leads would be appreciated

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    I am desperately looking for valentino sea element knee high gladiators with the shells on the sides for my rehearsal dinner for my wedding.

    Xxxxxxxxxxx I can't find them for sale anywhere and I'm turning to PF for help. if someone has these xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, please let me know, it honestly would make my life.

    My rehearsal dinner isn't for a long while, but any info that could help me find these would make me so appreciative. I hope someone out there understands what it is like to get an idea in your head of what you'll wear, and do anything to make it reality. :biggrin:

    Message me, reply, anything! Thank you loves!!!!
  11. I have been looking for these St. Tropez wedges for the longest time, but I cannot find them anywhere. Let me know if you see these in a size 36 in either the light tan color or brown color. Thanks!

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