1. Hope this helps some edge907
    Here is the link to my Red Maddy I purchased in May. I am not as good with the zipper details, but it might give you a place to start for comparison. Samantha would be able to answer the questions about the zippers:tup:

  2. Here are some more pics of a fake electric blue Mahala I found on e-bay. This one is really bad! They even sent me extra pics!!! Ewwwww

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  3. Ok, I guess I should have pointed out the glaring issues. The nameplate on the front is black..should be blue like the bag. The nameplate is not straight and the font on both plates is way off.(too thick) There is plastic wrapped around the handles! Dead giveaway. The gros grain ribbon is cheap looking, with out the little scallops.
  4. what a beautiful bag! Where can I buy this red maddy?
  5. Kunming, welcome to the Choo forum. This thread is only for Fake Maddy/Mahala questions. That Maddy is long sold out. There is a current one in Poppy Red. Call any Choo boutique and they will find one, or go to JimmyChoo.com and it they have it.
  6. Why does ebay let all these fakes to be sold and they often ban the people with genuine bags
  7. Hi, great forum! I'm also a newbie and got taken in by an ebay fake Maddy but was saved by a TPF member contacting me before it was too late. I read on ebay's spot a fake Choo guide that all Maddys and Mahalas should have the 'M' in 'Made in Italy' centered directly under the first 'M' in 'Jimmy Choo' on the inside nameplate. Is this true as I've seen some TPF members post photos of older Maddys where this isn't the case???
  8. Yes, in a perfect world. But, there is some wiggle room in that. Sometimes the plate is crooked in its positioning. If you are ever unsure of authenticity, please post a request for authentication in the Choo forum.