1. Haha lol, it just connected in my mind that if I really were to get all those Marisas I'll have 10! I already have three in my possession...crazy woman!
  2. Yep, I'm a sucker for blue bags and pink linings. But I am totally banned after getting 2 BV bags in one month!
  3. hey could you tell me how much would a marisa satchel in green cost...i am getting it for about $700....is that a good price? is it a dated season collection?
  4. ^Hi, sorry, I didn't get on the forum for a while; SF outlets sell the Marisas for about the same price, so I would say it's pretty good! SF have lower retail than many other brands to begin with, after all. What kind of green is it? Green is definitely one of the colors on my list lol, and I don't think anyone will look at it and immediately connect it to a particular season, so you're safe there. HTH!
  5. looking for help iding a pair of ferragamo shoes
  6. sorry to be a pain trying to get my ten posts so i can start a thread