1. I just bought a scarf that is 100% baby alpaca, made in NY by the brand Alicia Adams Alpaca. I read so much online about the wonders of alpaca so when I felt my scarf in person I was almost let down?
    It just didn't feel amazingly soft. As my fashion-clueless brother said, it feels like a "bedsheet."
    Perhaps it's the style of the weave? It feels thin and almost rigid?
    I love the style of scarf though. And it does seem very warm so I'll probably keep it.
    This is my first alpaca piece and I was hoping I might hear some thoughts on alpaca from fellow luxe lovers and their alpaca wool :smile: IMG_1501128269.552857.jpg
  2. Just as not all cottons are equal, not all alpaca is equal. Baby alpacas of certain regions produce a wool equal soft to cashmere. However you are right that weaving can play a part in "softness".
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  3. I love me some alpaca! The ones I've had have been pretty soft, though not to the level of cashmere. Where it really shines though is not in its softness but in its warmth. It is WAY warmer than regular sheep wool and I'm sure you won't regret getting it once winter rolls around :smile:
  4. Alpaca is a gorgeous material, ITA.
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  5. I love alpaca, but my pieces are far from soft. I have two sweaters I purchased on a trip to Ecuador and another piece I bought when I was in Peru. I've had them for years and years and still wear them.
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  6. I have an alpaca pullover from Chanel (Paris-Bombay collection) and while it is soft, nothing beats cashmere. It is also very warm so I only wear it during the winter.
  7. Alpaca can be beautiful and soft to the touch, but my neck is sensitive to it so I can't do scarves. I have a few sweaters with some alpaca, but they are very warm so I don't get a chance to wear them often.