1. Did anyone else get the 'coupon has expired' message when trying to place an order today?
  2. It may be because it's the 15th now in Italy. I'm sure if you email in your order, they'll honor the sale since it's still the 14th our time.
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  3. Touché!

    @mleleigh Thank you very much! I will email my order.
  4. Yes, I thought of that, but honestly giving me return shipping instructions should have been available within 24 hours. Returns are a common issue for businesses, and in the past, Massacccesi would take returns just for changing your mind. How in the world could a simple return be such an issue that they still wouldn't have information for me five days later? Oh well. It is what it is.
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  5. I am glad that they are making things "right" for you. I never thought of returning a custom made purse because I changed my mind...
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  6. I'm not sure if this was directed at me or not, but my bag is defective. Marco does not accept returns just because you change your mind.
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  7. Oh no.. I know that you had a defect! I saw it... I was just referencing your post about them taking returns for mind changing. Please I meant no disrespect at all, and I am glad you are getting issue resolved. It's too bad it took so long.
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  8. I haven't done that, either -- probably because when I customized a purse, I understood that I "owned" it, so to speak. If I didn't like the customizations I had selected, then I donated or, more recently, sold it via the MM group on FB. Defects, however, are an entirely different situation.
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  9. I did! :nuts:
    I decided they were trying to save me money - I emailed to let them know and suggest that the promo automation be aligned a little better with the date around the world since many of us live west of that time zone area.
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  10. Just getting back to reading this after my day took me out of the loop - So sorry this bumpy situation is added to the stress of the hurricane timing and what was, quite understandably, an urgent concern for you. Nobody needs that. The hand-off between customer service representatives really does seem like the culprit - I hope they can make good on all of this with some very speedy responsiveness.
  11. I ordered a Dark Brown Tuscania Theia with dark gunmetal hardware and an external pocket (no magnet). Can't wait to get this. I love the Tuscania leathers and this style suits me and I think the Tuscania will soften beautifully. Weather is changing here slowly as autumn arrives. Time to unpack my Bordeaux Cassandra soon.
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  12. As some of you may remember reading, I had ordered a violet merinos Calista, but now that the original color is not available, I switched to violet nappa. Shouldn't MM refund me the price difference between nappa and merinos leather?
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  13. I think so.
  14. Hi there, I love my new Selene Midi in Iced Taupe so much that I'm now thinking of getting one in the pebbled Purple. I do not have a swatch - I saw someone say its a dusty purple...is it a true purple (equal mix of blue and red) or does it lean toward plummy red or blueish purple? also is it a dark purple? these MM leathers in real life look so different from photos...! thanks
  15. Yes, I would definitely point out the price difference in leathers and ask for the difference to be refunded.
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