1. Ditto to that!

    The grande aura is the perfect size for folders, books, everything I take to grad school. I think it makes a very posh school or work or travel bag. I also took it just to meet a friend for lunch and it didn't feel too bulky for needing only to perform as a purse. Merinos makes it might! Very comfortable on the shoulder or in crook of the elbow which is how I usually carry it so I can look inside. I think I will have the strap shortened further so it carries under my arm higher because that's my preference.
  2. Adding my well wishes for all of our members currently weathering the storms out there. I sincerely hope for safety and health to prevail on all of you!

    Now a quick update - I received my sale order today :yahoo:- in fact I went directly to the DHL freight facility and picked up my MM box. :biggrin:
    I will post photos soon, but wanted to share my initial impressions about Juliet - she is not a small bag by any means but she has a very nice drape in the merinos leather which should make her easy to wear.

    The top handles are gorgeous - that stitching and bit of padding add just enough detail to be interesting but not overwhelming. I prefer the feel of these handles in my hand and over my arm to the flat ones that are standard with the Daphne. Thinking about the drape of this bag in merinos, it just seems right to wear her close, so I just emailed Colette and Marina about ordering a shorter and wider strap for shoulder carry, as I think that will give me the best flexibility for using and enjoying the style.

    The zip top is designed to allow very good access to the interior, and the zip pocket on the exterior takes care of quick access to items that I still want secure like my phone and key card. The interior looks roomy enough to accommodate at least a couple Penelope Midis along with my glasses and some other items, including sketch/note book for work. I'm curious to know whether she can really hold a file folder - time to do some testing!
    More news soon...
  3. Lenie, how heavy is the Aphrodite in this leather. I have two in Merinos and one nappa and don't find them heavy at all. I would like one in Vachetta but wonder about the weight. Thanks.
  4. My Aphrodites are either in Nappa or vachetta. The vachetta is a little heavier than Nappa, but not by much.
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  5. Thank you