1. Please post any photos of Hermes bags in the related color family as titled.

    Please indicate the color name and leather in which you are posting.

    The purpose of this thread is to view color as it takes on the various leather types offered.

    This is a picture thread only...NO CHATTER! Thank you.
  2. Cyclamen in Epsom
  3. cyclamen - Suede
    cyclamen - suede.jpg
  4. Rose Shocking Chevre!
  5. Source: celebs.co.kr

    35cm Fuschia Ostrich Birkin

    30cm Fuschia Croc Birkin
  6. 30cm Rose Dragee Swift Birkin :heart:

    Source: eBay (nyfashionexpert)
    Rose Dragee 30cm Birkin.jpgRose Dragee 30cm Birkin 2.jpgRose Dragee 30cm 3.jpgRose Dragee 30cm 4.jpg
  7. 30cm Naturelle Ostrich Birkin

  8. 30cm Rose Indienne Croc

    Source: celebs.co.kr

  9. RAISIN Box Calf
  10. Rose shocking in chevre


  11. 32 cm Chevre Kelly Palladium hardware:

    Fuschia Kelly 01.JPG

    Fuschia Kelly 02.JPG

    Fuschia Kelly00001.JPG

    Fuschia Kelly 03.JPG
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    Violet Box

  13. rose dragee 35 cm birkin
    pink birkin for forum.jpg
  14. HAC 32cm - Fuschia in Chevre

    Fuschia HAC 32cm.jpg