1. Please post any photos of your authentic Jimmy Choo bags in the Red and Burgundy color family.
    Please indicate the color name, style, season and year of the bag you are posting. This is a picture thread only...NO CHATTER! Thank you.
  2. Poppy Red, from the 2007 Cruise Season, November 2007, example: Mahala
    Mahaha_poppy copy.jpg
  3. Deep Red in slick calf leather, Fall 2007, August 2007, example: Ramona
    redramona copy.jpg
  4. Radiant: Red biker leather with watersnake trim, goldtone hardware, S/S 07 ?, purchased in Oct 2007
  5. Fuchsia pink Ross in watersnake, goldtone hardware, S/S 2005

  6. Cent in red (ruby) silk with pave from 2007 Autumn/Winter.

  7. Bordeaux Patent Ramona, A/W 2006

  8. Burgundy Calf Ramona, A/W 2006

  9. Red Mahala, A/W 2006

  10. Red Maddy, F/W 2006

  11. Red Ciggy Autumn/Winter 2007


    Burgundy Ring Bag Spring/Summer 2007


    Red Maddy Autumn/Winter 2006

    Red Ciggy.jpgRing Bag.jpgRed Maddy.jpg
  12. Slick Red Riki Fall/Winter 2007
  13. XL Burgundy Ramaona Spring/Summer 2007
  14. Burgundy Biker Leather Radiant
    SS 07
    radiant 002.jpg
  15. Riki in burgundy biker leather with watersnake trim, S/S 2007