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  2. My SA Philip at NM has this Size 36, $499.50

    Contact +165049290721482546236816.jpg
  3. Valentino online is 60% off almost everything is sold out a lot of size 8 left in diferrent sizes. DO some one know if Valentino will do a price match on merchandise purchase at 40% off
  4. I just called the Valentino Boutique. They do not do price adjustments.
  5. Sale is currently at 60% off at the Valentino Boutique now. Size selection is slim but they do have quite a few items left still. You can contact Eden at the Phipps Plaza store via text only at 678-283-3783. Or via the Atlanta Phipps Plaza boutique. They are open 11-8pm.
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  7. Valentino Rockstud Leather Lace-Up 105mm Pump
    Color: Stone/Poudre
    Price: $398.00
    Many sizes available
  8. NM Philip +16504929072

    Sz 37.5 $61920170130_123817.jpg