1. And another pair I crystallized.IMG_3319.jpg
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  2. With rainbow dark Swarovski Crystals.
  3. They look amazing!!!! Doesn’t it make you happy just looking at them and knowing you did it yourself?!
  4. I'm pretty weak sauce and can't wear heels for very long because I mostly wear flats/boots/etc. - but because the toebox is so nice and roomy and wide, these are the only heel (in the higher height) I can actually wear for a night out. I would say get one in the higher heel height for sure.

    I have the higher heel height in both the black leather and nude patent and have worn the black leather to death because of how versatile that combo is, but patent might be dressier (if you do the lower heel height in a nude patent)?? Either way, these are great in any combination you get 'em!
  5. 6824C464-B64E-4480-82EC-4ABE096B3B77.jpeg Loving the bright hued green of my new Free Rockstud heels
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  6. That's an awesome color! So refreshing and vibrant.
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    Here’s my collection

    Thanks for allowing me to share