1. I buy glasses at the LensCrafters designer sale. I like them because they last forever. My last pair lasted 10 years!

    My newest pair are Versace and I love them.
  2. I got a pair of Tom Ford glasses sometime in July this year.... I don't wear it often as I have a favourite comfortable pair.... but just a few days back when I picked up the Tom Ford pair, I realised that the golden stripe at the edge of the glasses....you know...the signature Tom Ford golden stripe.... has tarnished! Tried washing and rubbing but to no avail! Disappointed with the quality.
    Instead, my Prada glasses, the golden part is still shiny and I wear it almost everyday for at least 4 (or 5) years now.
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  3. Oh I'm so sorry to hear that. That really disappointing at that price point.
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  4. Thanks for your kind words. Did you get Tom Ford ? You mentioned you were thinking of it....
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    No not yet.they line up with my eyebrows which you shouldn't wear eyeglasses that Cover up your eyebrows.
  6. That's true... anyways hope you find your ideal pair soon!
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  7. I recently treated myself to this pair from Krewe. Great quality but they don’t sell prescription lenses at their NY location. I’m waiting impatiently for my local optician to get my lenses.

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  8. Thanks dear.
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