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  2. Ladies, I have searched and searched (on PF and Google) and I cannot for the life of me find "rockstud care". I have a pair of the caged flats and a pair of the regular heels (both patent) and I really want to make sure that they don't get damaged or scuffed (on the toe especially). The heels I will only be wearing for the first time for my upcoming wedding but I want to wear the flats ASAP! Any advice/thoughts on heel tips/protective soles etc?
  3. I would total have plastic tips added at the toe area. My cobbler has done that one mine, and it has truly saved my shoes.
  4. Thanks rdgldy. .I was advised by my Cobbler to rather have metal tips put on the bottom. .. What are your thoughts on metal vs plastic ?
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  6. My cobbler has done both, and I have really been happy either way.
  7. Great thanks so much for your help
  8. Anyone have suggestions for good cobblers in the NYC Manhattan area? I just bought rockstud flats that are still shipping to me, but I really want to take good care of them! How much do these type of services usually cost?
  9. in NYC the Leather Spa at midtown in the 50s can service just about everything you'd need. they do repairs for Manolos and all the brands. Saks is around the corner so they refer a lot of business. Superior Leather is also another great shop in the 30s.

    personally what I did for my caged ballerinas is put the end tips to help them last just a little bit longer, doesn't last forever but it helps. I also put the sole protectors on the bottom of the soles, again it's a temporary measure w/o resorting to resoling.

    another thing is I always put the stuffing paper and the plastic stretch sticks that come in the box, back in the shoes when not in use. that really helps to retain the shape and look newer. I do this for all by good shoes anyway and I can tell that the stuffing makes a meaningful difference.

    lastly to help break in new shoes, I've been wearing hosiery 1/2 socks in my ballerinas to avoid blisters. the toes & heels don't rub directly against the leather, which can warm your feet and them sweat more and worsen the pain. surprisingly the socks really blend in well with the nude straps and studs and no one really notices the detail if you're worried about that.
  10. I bought a pair of rockstuds flats I wore them out first time today and noticed under the tip of the shoe it seems to have worn a bit already ! Seems very thin too so just wondering what can be done to prevent under the tip of shoe being destroyed quickly ?
  11. get your cobbler to put toe tips on! :smile:

  12. Hi Annie81.....I have my cobbler add a thin rubber 'vibram' style half sole after a few wearings. I also have them add a metal protector right at the tip. These were done at least 2 years ago....maybe three and are still working well:smile:.

    I use Santana Creative as my cobbler. Isaac in ATL is my contact.....they have a store front at the Phipps Plaza area and one in Miami at Art Basel. The repair facility is in NC.



  13. authenticplease, after how many wears did you put the sole? I have already put the metal tips on and worn mine once but I'm thinking I can "go around" it?
  14. Hey fellow shoe lovers.
    So, my first pair of patent valentino rockstud shoes, beautiful and so comfy, but I got them out after they have been in the box for two months one of the soles on the tip/point has started to peel back? I wore them once.. so Im pretty angry at how poor the quality is for it to do that so soon, I'm very careful with my shoes.
    Does anyone know how to fix this once it's already started wearing, and if so does anyone know someplace in LA to get it done?
    thank you x
  15. Thanks for your reply ! I'm in Sydney Australia so will have to try find one to do this to mine. I only wore them out once so far and already noticed a fair bit of wearing underneath so I'm not wearing them again till I get some of those put underneath that's for sure .