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    I love the look of the espadrille wedges and even the flats, but the ankle strap is so tight it is impossible to walk in. Even if I go up a size (which makes the shoe too loose), the strap is tight when I walk. I have smaller than average ankles, so it is not a problem of thicker ankles. There also isn't enough room to make an extra hole to loosen the vice grip on my ankles.

    I haven't been able to find any reviews on the espadrilles. For those of you who have this shoe, do you find this a problem? I imagine that most women would not be able to walk in this shoe because of the short ankle straps.
  2. If the ankle strap is too tight, don't get the shoes.
  3. obviously. I was just wondering if this is a design flaw.
  4. Seems like a question to ask the store.
  5. I don't think you understand the thread, but thank you for your input
  6. So I managed to find some reviews about this issue. Seems that other people are complaining that the strap is short even for slimmer ankles. I pasted some reviews below.

    I think this is a design flaw, since the majority of women will not be able to comfortably wear this shoe. I guess you have to have very skinny ankles to wear them.
    In case anyone is interested in these shoes, keep this in mind.
    This is unfortunate,since they are really nice. I hope Valentino corrects this and makes longer straps.

    So cute but sooo uncomfortable! The strap around ankle too short and studs eat into the ankle... and Im a petite girl!.. Sorry, but they are going back!


    Tight strap
    Very cute espadrille. I had to go a size down. Strap is tight and I have very thing ankles. Strap was just as tight/painful when I tried bigger size.
  7. I tried those on too last summer and couldn't strap it around my ankles without feeling strangled. I thought I was developing some serious case of cankles...apparently not! Good to know I'm not the only one who can't fit into these. Seriously though, these are very nice. Too bad for the short straps.
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  8. & thank you for bringing attention to this design flaw!
  9. Yes, it's not your ankles, but the crazy short straps. I thought it was odd that Valentino would make a shoe that was uncomfortable for the majority of women, but looks like that's the case. I hope they come out with longer straps, because they really are gorgeous.
  10. I don't consider myself to have thin ankles and I had no problem with the strap...is this just this years/seasons or last years as well? If you like the Val espadrille they do have a style that has no strap. I own and love them!!
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  11. I don't know if it's just this season - but the reviews are from this year, and I tried them on last week. Gagabag says she tried them on last summer.
    I'm glad to hear they worked for you because they are lovely. I haven't heard of the Val espadrille. I know they have an open-toe wedge espadrille with one strap, but I prefer a closed toe wedge.
  12. Sorry, I didn't mean the style was called "Val espadrille" but they have a type of fringe. I bought them so my whole foot would be covered. I was planning on buying the wedge and flats with the wrap around but now I will try them on again before purchase.
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  13. I forgot to mention earlier that the flat version of this espy somehow fits my ankles better than the wedge
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  14. These are my all time favorite wedges, I do not have this problem at all. I love these so much I bought them in three colors - navy blue, nude and light pink - and I have relatively wide feet and not particularly slim ankles. I find them very comfortable and I have no issues at all with the straps. I bought the first one in Paris about a year and a half ago, and I bought the other 2 last year in the States. I am going to get the open toe version next... For me, these are the best wedges ever.
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  15. Lucky you! Glad they work for you. I don't know what it is? I definitely cannot wear them and I don't have thick ankles. I've read a few reviews that also have the same problem of "strangled" ankles. The only thing I can think of is that the straps might not be a consistent length. I tried the wedge espadrilles in my size and I couldn't even close the strap on the last hole. I might try them in another store and see what happens.