1. Hi! So I just received my pair of Rockstud espadrilles in the flat style which I ordered from Saks. And the strap would not go around my ankle. I don't have skinny ankles but I've not had this problem with a sandal ever before. Because I'm crazy, I went to my friend's house and measured her strap on her same style shoe. For a size 37, her strap measured 19 inches long. For my shoes, size 39, the strap was 18 inches. CRAZY. I ended up calling the Valentino store in Beverly Hills and asked why this could be. The sales rep said Saks must have switched the strap. He then texted me a picture of a strap on a size 39 shoe from in their store. It was 21 inches long. Back to Saks these shoes go and I'm buying a new pair from Valentino.

    Anyways, just wanted to thank the original thread poster because for a few minutes while trying on the shoe I thought I was losing my mind.
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    Thanks! I'm glad someone shared my experience. Yes, I tried them on this year and noticed that different sized shoes have different strap sizes. This year the strap fit me. Last year, even sizing up, I couldn't walk comfortably. When I noticed that different sizes have different length straps, it crossed my mind that straps might have been switched because because it just didn't make sense.

    I bought the wedges with the closed toe and I'm really happy with them!! I measured the strap length on my size 36 and it is 19 inch; it matches what you found. Thanks for checking this out with Valentino and finding the source of the problem!

    Enjoy your new espadrilles :smile: